Owning your home ROCKS

Buying a home is an exciting process. You deserve a full-time, professional Realtor. Contracts in our area – with various addenda and disclosures – can be 60 pages long. Sometimes there is fierce competition to get a home. Sometimes there isn’t and you can save money. Don’t shortchange yourself. Go with a pro.

Buying a home involves common steps for all buyers. A Buyer Counseling Session with me is free. I help you understand the buying process, and how to make the most of every hour spent looking at homes & every dollar you spend. Let’s sit together and discuss the process.

  If you’d like to start looking online now – click on one of my search tools –  and get in touch. Let’s work together.

Aim to win

Aside from your terms (price, inspections, closing help, etc.) the Listing Agent and the Seller are concerned with:

The presentation quality of an offer (this fosters either confidence or concern in your agent’s ability to close the deal)

Communication quality with the Seller’s agent (ditto)

Negotiating experience and skills (a tough Buyer’s Agent can actually give confidence to the Seller that all will be well)

Knowledge of the contracts and addenda (can be up to 60 pages)

Sensitivity to the Seller’s needs (this helps ‘sell’ your offer)

Reputation (this means a lot when the Seller’s agent can say “Howard’s deals close well”)

These are just a few factors proving a full-time, full-service agent is best in helping you buy a home.  Buying a home is a big deal. You deserve quality service.

Let me briefly interrupt this Guide to kill two myths:

MYTH: The Buyer pays commission.

FALSE: I can be your Buyers Agent, but the Seller pays my commission. In almost all cases this is true.

MYTH: Howard will only show me his Broker’s listings.

FALSE: I show you ALL listings that meet your criteria – NOT just our listings. You will pick what you want to see.

Mortgage Help

Contact me for referrals to LOCAL lenders who understand our unique market and contracts. I only earn money from the sale of homes – never from lenders, contractors, settlement companies, etc. My interest is that you have a successful transaction and want your friends to get the same great service! Please trust that my recommendations are in your best interest.

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